Spots don't stop me.

Hi, I'm Sarah. Hawaii is my home.
I wanted to make a psoriasis blog - for me to vent, and for other psoriasis tumblr peeps that need a blog to go to. Don't be afraid to talk to me, (:

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messes up my prescription! First of all, they didn’t call it in to the pharmacy on Friday after I went in for my appointment, and the office isn’t open on the weekend so I had to wait till today to call it in and specifically told the receptionist TACLONEX OINTMENT and explained that it was already supposed to have been called in 3 days before. So I went tonight after my last 3 hour class just to find out that they prescribed TACLONEX SCALP. I don’t need it for my scalp, I need the topical ointment!! I forgave them once, but REALLY?! It’s kinda important, like wth. How hard is it to look at my chart?! Seriously, I worked in a doctor’s office before. Ya’ll need to get on it. UGH.

I am seriously praying that my future children do not have to live with psoriasis.

I would hate to see my children, or anyone I love for that matter, go through the complications of this annoying, painful, incurable disease. I already know how much it sucks and I already know how it feels to go through it. I hope I find a husband that has incredible genes that will somehow take dominance over mine when being passed down to our children. UGH.


I wrote a reply to the “Coping with Psoriasis” thread on the new PsorPhil Forum. I’d like to share it here too:

I may be young, and have only had to deal with psoriasis for a little over a year, but I sincerely believe that the first step to coping with the condition is our acceptance…

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"You are wonderfully made."


While I was stuck in traffic this morning on the way to work, I heard an interview on the radio about people feeling insecure, worthless, etc. But the speaker chose to focus on those four words, “You are wonderfully made.” She continued to say that although there is pressure all around us in so many different forms to look or live a certain way, we can’t let it control our lives. It really is true that all of us are beautiful in so many ways that can’t compare to others. These words put a smile on my face and stuck with me. Just thought I’d share it because it made my day. :D


I have a beautiful body. I am so sick of hating every inch of skin that I live in. Each human form is unique and different and just by that fact alone makes us all beautiful in a way that cant be compared to anyone else. I love that. Although there are things I wish I could alter, I am healthy and alive and that makes my body beautiful. Trying to have a new outlook on who I am. What I believe I will become.

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Everyone looks perfect
from far away
painted with distance
and natural light
but up close
there are split ends
and freckles
and the scars
that may or may not
have been by accident
birthmarks and bruises
chipped nails and callused hands. 

These are the people you want to know.
They are not made of wax;
they have stories. 

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Positive thinking!

Keep your head up.
None of us deserve to feel alone, scared, or ugly.
I know it’s hard.
But we can be happy, too.

reality kicks in once again.

I’m supposed to go hiking tomorrow up to a mini waterfall thing, right. and I got excited. But I just realized, I can’t jump in. It’s not like the ocean. It’s not salt water. It’s freekin fresh water and has the same hazard of lepto as every other fresh water place on the island. And everyone’s all like, “Oh psh, as long as you don’t have any open cuts or skin wounds.”

Easy for you people to say. Thanks a lot, psoriasis. I don’t even wanna risk it with the little spots I have. I’ll just kick back. -___-

edit: I’m pretty freekin pissed, actually.

"Hi Sarah. My name is Dan and I have had psoriasis for about 6 years now. i just wanted to say hi. please let me know if you ever want to chat about psoriasis." With love, whereissmithers-deactivated2012.

Hi Dan!
Well I’ve had it for only about 4 years now. And thanks! Don’t be a stranger (: